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THOR is an important medical study investigating the musculoskeletal health of men with and without haemophilia A.

Volunteers will undergo a free comprehensive musculoskeletal health assessment at Monash Medical Centre upon entry into the study and again after 12 months.

The assessment combines state-of-the-art imaging techniques with functional muscle testing to generate a complete picture of your muscle and bone health.

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What is THOR?

Haemophilia is a condition of impaired blood clotting and severe bleeding, mostly affecting men. Haemophilia patients also fracture their bones more easily. We need your help to figure out why

If you're a male age 18+, you may be eligible to participate in this important research study, either as a control or person with Haemophilia A.

Benefits of participating

  1. Contribute meaningfully to our understanding of haemophilia and the lives of patients with the condition.

  2. Receive two FREE muscle and bone health assessments (valued at $955), 12 months apart, including:

  • 3D High Resolution bone and joint scan

    • Gold standard for measuring bone microarchitecture

    • One of only two machines in Australia

  • DXA bone density scan

    • Learn about your risk of developing osteoporosis.

    • Highly accurate body composition assessment (%muscle mass, %body fat, %bone)

  • Muscle testing

    • Functional muscle testing – jump, squat, hop, grip, heel rise

    • Power analysis using the only Ground Reaction Force Platform in Victoria

  • Blood examination

    • Important markers of bone health.

Study participants' medical information will be treated confidentially.

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